Brake Flaring Tools?

Answer Brake flaring is used to widen the end of a brake line tube for connection to the braking system. Widening the tube is beneficial because it results in a more secure, tighter fit. There are several... Read More »

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Instructions for Brake Line Flaring Tools?

Anytime a brake line is cut and repaired or shortened a flare nut must be inserted over the line and a new flare formed on the cut end. It is difficult to form a double flare on an old line that is... Read More »

DIN Flaring Tools?

The DIN is one of two types of flares found on international vehicle brake systems. The more commonly seen of the two is the SAE flare that is in use on all Asian and American automotive brake syst... Read More »

Are Bubble & Double Flaring Tools the Same?

A bubble flaring tool is used to create International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-compliant flares on the ends of tubing. A double flaring tool, on the other hand, is used to create Soci... Read More »

Are bubble&double flaring tools the same?

The bubble flare tool and the double flare tool are not the same tool. The bubble flare tool is used to make a bubble flare on automotive brake tubing, while the double flare tool is needed to make... Read More »