Brake Controller Wiring Instructions?

Answer Large tow-behind trailers and RVs use electronic braking to supplement the stopping power provided by the tow vehicle's brakes. On late model trucks and SUVs, the vehicle is often equipped with a t... Read More »

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Reese Brake Controller Wiring Instructions?

Reese brake controllers are installed on trucks that tow trailers. When towing a trailer, the vehicle and trailer assembly requires a longer stopping distance. The brake controller tells the traile... Read More »

Wiring Instructions for the Impulse Brake Controller?

Electronic brake controllers offer vehicle operators the opportunity to manipulate a trailer's braking power while towing. Typically, travel trailers over 5,000 pounds will be equipped with an elec... Read More »

Reese Brakeman Digital Brake Controller Wiring Instructions?

The Reese Digital brake controller provides power for up to four trailer brakes. It uses a digital output indicator for precise adjustments by the driver. A brake controller monitors the vehicle's ... Read More »

How to Install Brake Controller Wiring?

A brake controller delivers the power from the vehicle to the trailer's electrical braking systems. The brake controller receives signals from the brake pedal switch and power from the battery to o... Read More »