Brain injury after motorcycle fall?

Answer Look up Amen Clinics; he shows how brain imaging can detect brain damage that some methods don't show. He treats football players, soccer players, and others with head trauma.

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Could I have a brain injury 4 days after falling down the stairs?

I'm sure you're fine, people hgit their head all the time. If you were knocked out you might want to ask a doctor but other than than, take a paracetamol and you'll be fine!

If you ever had dysarthria after a traumatic brain injury, share your story?

I know someone who has had flaccid dysarthria her entire life. She can't move some of her mouth muscles and because of that, she can't talk and she sometimes drools.She doesn't have any mental prob... Read More »

Brain Injury and Alcohol Tolerance?

Brain injuries are tricky. Strictly speaking, the build-up of alcohol in your blood stream and how well it is metabolized by your liver should not be affected at all. For example, if you have a one... Read More »

How to Cope With a Brain Injury?

You have been told you have brain damage for whatever cause. All brain injuries are unique, and no one brain injury causes the same problem.