Braids & Cornrow Styles for Men?

Answer Braids and cornrow hairstyles are trendy among younger people, particularly of African-American descent, and offer many styling options for men who prefer to wear their hair long. For men, wearing ... Read More »

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Styles of Black Cornrow Braids?

Cornrow hairstyles for black hair are a form of traditional African hair braiding, whereby the hair is braided very close to the scalp. Styles can be linear, in parallel rows, or alternatively, can... Read More »

How to Do Cornrow Braids?

More than five centuries ago, peoples of the Niger-Congo civilization in Africa practiced "tight, intricate hair braiding" in elaborate patterns and rows, which took four hours or more to create (C... Read More »

Different Cornrow Braids?

From ancient African cultures, as an expression of beauty and/or social hierarchy, to the catwalks of today's fashion, cornrow braiding, or "cornbraiding," is a universal hairstyle. Cornrow braidi... Read More »

How to Make Cornrow Braids?

Wearing your hair in cornrow braids is a wonderful way to express yourself. The braids are also easy to maintain. If you can French braid hair, you also can also make cornrows. The process is ident... Read More »