Brackets around 2 lines on a word document?

Answer Just type in what ever characters you want, and where you want them. And just as easily you can remove whichever characters you do not need. Here are the steps involved to use the Equation Editor... Read More »

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What does it mean when a word has brackets around it?

Square brackets have several purposes in written work. The most common is to point out clarifications or corrections in quoted text.ClarificationBrackets surrounding words in quotations denote text... Read More »

How do I get rid of dotted lines in a Word document?

Place the mouse cursor over the dotted lines and click on the little lightning bolt icon that appears.Click "Control AutoFormat Options" from the menu that pops up.Click to uncheck the box that say... Read More »

How to Make a Border Around a Word Document?

Microsoft Word 2010 offers countless formatting features, including indent customization, headers and footers, and page numbers. Another feature is the ability to create borders around the page. Th... Read More »

How to Draw a Circle Around a Word in a PowerPoint Document?

Microsoft PowerPoint, the slideshow component of the Microsoft Office Suite, offers a platform for presenting information to an audience, whether those viewers are an in-person ballroom of three th... Read More »