Braces questions please help!?

Answer 1. You can take whatever pain relievers you want. Something like ibuprofen or Tylenol would work.2. You can eat pretty much the same things you always have. Some recommendations though are to stay ... Read More »

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Help please!!! braces questions! easy 10 points?

Hey EmilyThis is such a good question that i wish i asked before i got my braces.Ok firstly i have dark brown hair aswell i got like a raionbow a blue, pink, purple, yellow and green it looks so co... Read More »

Getting braces on monday! Lots of questions please help!?

1. Uhm u got away with eating popcorn and bc no one hardly notices3.yes it will damage the braces u have to eat soft taco shells bc the hard could break the wire4. Blue made my teeth look w... Read More »

Getting braces off, couple of questions PLEASE!!?

1) mine weren't at all swolen and they were not any different than before i got my braces off 2) you will probably be getting the invisiline ones , i got those and so did everyone I know 3) Nah :) ... Read More »

Few braces questions. Please Answer, Easy 10 points?

Hi, Extracting teeth is not a reasonable answer to the problem. An expander is likely what you'll get. You'll wear it for 5 months to a year. What it is; something with metal loops that holds onto ... Read More »