Braces question: about a bar thingy that goes across the roof of my mouth?

Answer Hi Kerry, The transpalatal bar (also called TPA or trans palatal anchorage) is not really that bad. It is used for additional resistance of your molars against movement so the can pull your teeth i... Read More »

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Ok i got my braces ob today and also i got the expanders put in the roof of my mouth.?

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Cut on Roof of my Mouth! Help!?

Drinking ice water will help slow the bleeding. Rinse with salt water made with Sea Salt (don't swallow)! Once the bleeding stops and healing begins be sure to rinse with something like Listerine... Read More »

Cut on roof of my mouth! how to heal it!!?

hi JacksonIm not realy sure, nut you may find a solution soon:)

Blood on the roof of my mouth?

Those spots are called "Palatal petechiae", and it's nothing to worry about. Basically, they are tiny little bruises (blood spots) on the roof of your mouth, the palate, due to sucking hard on some... Read More »