Braces question: about a bar thingy that goes across the roof of my mouth?

Answer Hi Kerry, The transpalatal bar (also called TPA or trans palatal anchorage) is not really that bad. It is used for additional resistance of your molars against movement so the can pull your teeth i... Read More »

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Ok i got my braces ob today and also i got the expanders put in the roof of my mouth.?

To add to J's answer: jello, milkshakes, smoothies (I count them as food because of how filling they are), mashed potatoes, and applesauce

Small bump on roof of mouth - worried about oral cancer?

Nope, you do not have cancer. Relax. Have the doc check it out, but breathe easy for the few weeks until you go in.

A Question About Braces?

they pull teeth out because they need to give your teeth more space. because your teeth need to be in ONE orderly row, if your teeth are too big, because they didnt grow properly, they need to pull... Read More »

Question about braces?

Hey dont worry AT ALL! just go to the orthodontist dont worry about it!!!! That happened to me (2 brackets) really quickly and they just sme and fixed them. Dont be afraid to ask. Its not a big dea... Read More »