Braces on your teeth when you die!!!?

Answer ewww why the heck would you want to die nd be buried wif ur braces on!!!Sah if i get run ova by a plane on the tarmach tommorow TAKE THEM OFF!!!

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Can you get Invisalign braces when your wisdom teeth may have caused your front teeth to overcrowd and become slightly crooked?

Wisdom teeth do not cause crowding and I can prove it. When I was in Dental School we did a study. We took one group of people that had impacted wisdom teeth and graded their front tooth crowding. ... Read More »

How to Whiten Your Teeth when You Have Braces?

Are your teeth always yellow-looking when you have braces? Well this article will give you some tips and tricks to getting your teeth looking perfectly white!

How do you clean you teeth when your have braces?

hey there, its basically jsut the same thing...but it will feel weird at first and it might hurt a bit if your teeth are sensitive! to me, the first time that i brushed my teeth with braces it felt... Read More »

When you get your braces off do they clean your teeth?

They scrap the glue part off, that's it. You will have to pay to get them whitened; also your general dentist will have to clean your know, every six months.