Braces off Whats it like?

Answer it was pretty sweet. your teeth feel glossy, i didnt have any white stains...and i brush my teeth once every night. not sore, but everything in your mouth is so smooth for the first few days.

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Whats the best colour to get for braces ?

I say a dark or light blue, your choice!I'm a girl, I have pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. I got hot pink and everybody tells me it was the best color I could have gotten :)Have fun with your... Read More »

Whats colour braces should i get?

I've had my braces almost a year and a half now. The process of getting them on doesn't hurt at all really, just a little uncomfortable. I got blue when I first got my braces on, it made my teeth a... Read More »

Whats the worst part of getting Braces?

RUBBER BANDS. Don't worry, braces aren't really as bad as they're cracked up to be. Jus make sure you have plenty of Advil/Tylenol in your house and you should be fine. But the rubber bands that... Read More »

Whats the longest case of someone wearing braces?

yes that has happened all depends on the severity of the teeth and the dentistso yes it can go on for many many yearssmilegood luck