Braces make a girl less attractive?

Answer braces dont make a girl less atractive. they look better then having crooked teeth though. And in a way they add character to your appearance... and if your pretty without braces it doesnt really m... Read More »

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Can a girl still be attractive with braces (GUYS ONLY)?

yes, i think they can, it can be very sexy.

How to make braces hurt less?

I use Orajel to stop them from hurting. You just rub it on your gums and it numbs them and makes them feel AMAZING. If you don't want to use a medicine, eat some ice cream or another very cold, sof... Read More »

How do I make my braces less noticeable?

keep ur mouth shut. And be thankful your parents have the doe to afford them.

How to Make Braces Look Less Noticeable?

Some people may wish to make their braces appear less noticeable.