Braces just got them today?

Answer Im sure it can get a little worse. When I got my braces the pain stayed for a week, then I was used to it. The least you can do is eat mushy type of foods like soup or oatmeal.

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I got braces today ):?

I remember the day I got my braces. Worst day ever right? I went to Subway and eating a sandwich was miserable. I had these bars that connected my jaws and every time I'd try to bite they'd come ap... Read More »

Im Getting braces later on today?

okay,well the first thing they will do is sit you down then they will give you they might put you in whats called a tounge lock,it doesnt hurt and its just a little uncomfortable,its j... Read More »

I just got braces today, I have a few questions?

1) Your gums are already tough so having braces doesn't seem to have an affect on them.2) It's not exactly harder to brush braces as opposed to when you didn't have them. It's just that it takes mo... Read More »

I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?

Yes, you will be able to eat. You usually experience the most pain the first day you get them and the following day.Then on each visit to the orthodontist you will experience pain when they change ... Read More »