Braces advice experiece?

Answer There are many kinds of braces. Usually the dentists use conventional metal ones and on them you can have different types of color bands. There are other options also like Invisialign (which you ar... Read More »

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Braces! Any tips/advice?

Oooh, I feel your pain! :(My biggest piece of advice: Do EVERYTHING they tell you. It WILL probably be a pain in the butt, but if you do /everything/ they tell you, your braces will be off quicker.... Read More »

Getting my braces off in a week! Any advice?

You may have a little discolor where the metal blocks were but brush them frequently and they should go, i didn't find it painful myself but it might of been because of the excitement of having my ... Read More »

Getting Braces Soon... Advice of before & after?

It's not that bad. And maybe I only say that now I have them off:) But it's really worth itBe really careful for the first 2-3 weeks, just so that the glue can dry. After that, no one really follow... Read More »

Help I need great advice about braces and spacers?

Spaces are put in between your very back molars and the next teeth. They are put in to create space for the braces on the very back teeth. The very back teeth get full braces that wrap around each ... Read More »