Braces HELP!!?

Answer No it doesn't hurt when you get them on. You can't eat hard things that could break your brackets or bend the wires. It will be pretty easy to figure out what you can't eat. Just think before yo... Read More »

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Braces Help?

There are more choices in braces today. You can get traditional metal braces, Ceramic, or a mix of the two. There are also self ligating braces (do a search for the Damon system) and "invisible" br... Read More »


hush ....... I suggest u take some advil and try and relax also u can also tell your othordontics of the extreme pain you are having

I just got

im 15 too and got braces on the age of 15 i have had them for 1 month and its no big deal they feel funny at first but sometimes you wont really no there their

Colors for braces! Help!!!?

If you have no idea what to get, just get pink and orange.or pinkor navy blueor just blueor purple and pinkor purple and orangeor blue and pink *cotten candy!* :D