Boys, what do you think about make-up (girls an answer too if you want) ?

Answer You look beautiful either way.I don't mind make up on girls, as long as it is not a constant thing.. sort of like for a special occasion, like I would wear a cologne if I was going out to dinner or... Read More »

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GIRLS answer this only PLEASE!! no boys!?

I really think that you should just forget about him. If, he really wanted to get with you. Then, he would of found somebody that's knows you so y'all could hook up. He did not. He hooked back ... Read More »

How to Make Best Friends With Both Boys and Girls?

Somtimes making friends can be a hard and painful thing to do if you do not know how to. If you are in a situation where you have mainly friends of the opposite gender and want more friends of your... Read More »

Girls....What Do You Think Of Boys Wearing Make-Up ツ?

What type make-up do boys like on girls ?

Honestly? Guys don't care. We're just not that picky, but we DO notice if someone is wearing way too much make up (look like a clown.)