Boys can press the girl breast?

Answer to drink milk n have sex n de girls breast is very soft(specially teenagers)n de girls even feel very good when u press their breast (i have tried it on myself

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Can young boys develop breast cancer?

No. Though almost 1 percent of breast cancer sufferers are men, their average age is 65. Teenage male breast cancer is nearly unheard of, much less preadolescent male breast cancer. Boys often deve... Read More »

What was the name of the cartoon kids program with three siblings two boys one girl the girl had purple hair and she was a witch her brothers were wizards and they had a magic talking spell book?

Sounds like "UBOS - Ultimate Book of Spells", from about 2002 or so.

Can the mom of a 16 year old girl press charges on the 21 year old guy if hes dating the 16 year old and got her pregnant even though the 16 year old girl wanted it?

If the 16 year old girl wanted to have a baby you should talk to her before you go off the edge. Or don't go and press charges, but tell the guy that he was very SICK and WRONG to do that. It will ... Read More »

How to Pamper a Girl (for Boys)?

Pampering a girl will show them that you care. Follow these simple steps to pamper a girl.