Boyfriend/ drug problems....?

Answer You should leave him as he should prefer you to anything like that.Go and find somebody else who cares about you.

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Will my boyfriend pass the drug test if he uses my urine thats a day old?

You Realize he doesnt need your urine right...? Marijuana only stays in your urine 2-3 days after you smoke, maybe a week if he smoked more than 3 times that week, Hes clean, and just "breathing i... Read More »

Can I keep my son from having contact with my ex wife's live in boyfriend if he fails a drug test?

My boyfriend has smoked everyday for a couple years, and has a drug test monday HELP!!?

You can't keep it from showing up on the test. Avoid the test if possible. Otherwise, how about this -- live with the consequences of your choices.But then, avoiding living with your own choices... Read More »

What are the Symptoms of Statin Drug Problems?

If your cholesterol levels are above 240 mg/dL and you are at risk for heart disease, your doctor may prescribe statin drugs to help lower your cholesterol. While some people tolerate statins witho... Read More »