Boy squeezed my boob...?

Answer he was trying to cop a feel. it was done probably on a dare

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Why is one boob so much smaller the the other boob?

Every woman has a variance in size between one breast and the other unless you buy them, in which case they should be perfect for all that money. You may feel lopsided, but it is normal. You can ta... Read More »

My heart is squeezed...?

Hey I suggest you visit the doc and get an angiogram done. Sounds something serious to me

How much juice is in a squeezed lime?

One lime yields 2 tbsp. of juice--this applies to regular limes, which are also referred to as Persian limes. Smaller limes, such as Key limes, yield almost 1 tbsp. of juice each.Source:Cook's Thes... Read More »

I squeezed 2 of my fingers in a folding table?

Well, when I got my my two fingers caught in my mom's car door, I got a plastic baggie and filled it with ice. Then, I put my two fingers in the baggie. This actually helps. You can leave your f... Read More »