Boxers Vs. Boxer Briefs?

Answer Boxers and boxer briefs are two prominent styles of underwear. Men have a choice between many styles in these two categories--to pick the best underwear for you, it is important to look at several... Read More »

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What brand of boxer briefs & briefs are best?

For regular briefs get some from American Apparel. Those are the only brand I wear for briefs because they're so comfortable while also looking fashionable. Calvin Klein is a good choice for any ty... Read More »

How to Turn Boxer Briefs Into Briefs?

Whether you're looking for a customized pair of underwear or simply a creative sewing project, you can transform a pair of boxer briefs into briefs. It takes just a few steps to alter your boxer br... Read More »

Boxers or briefs?

Briefs Vs. Boxers for Men?

The boxers versus briefs debate is truly one of most contested in men's fashion. Whether boxers or briefs are right for you is a matter of fit, comfort and style. Does this Spark ... Read More »