Bounty Hunter Requirements in New York?

Answer Television romanticizes bounty hunting through reality programs depicting a glorious and fast-paced lifestyle. A recent increase in interest in bounty hunting careers could be attributable to the p... Read More »

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Requirements to Be a Bounty Hunter in Texas?

A bounty hunter in Texas must already have certification as a law enforcement official to conduct bounty hunting operations in the state. Texas doesn't provide bounty hunter certification for civil... Read More »

The Requirements to Become a Bounty Hunter in Kansas?

Thanks to television shows like Dog The Bounty Hunter, the idea of apprehending fugitives as a career choice has gained more public prominence than it enjoyed before. Forty-four states in the union... Read More »

How much money does dog the bounty hunter make per bounty?

Why is dog the bounty hunter off TV?

I dont think it is because it is on charter on demand. If you have checked the A and E channel, it should come on.