Bought used camera from B&H?

Answer At B&H has a customer rating of 9.83 out of a possible 10.0. B&H is one of the best possible choices for on-line buying.Now relax and get started enjoying your camera.

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I bought a used laptop computer, i want to use DVD and download video pictures from my camera;how possible?

You have to buy a video capture divice USB in any computer store or electronics sales and then you connect it to the usb port on your computer then in the divice you connect the 3 cables: yellow , ... Read More »

I just bought a (used) camera and i wanted to know if it was the right choice?

It is a nice camera. For the price and the fact that you like photos taken by your mobile phone, you would sure love this camera. It is a very capable camera for portraits. One advice: Try to use i... Read More »

My wife bought me a Canon T1i digital camera, my old camera is a Minolta 330 RZ 35mm film camera?

With a little information you can take GREAT pictures at your sons little league games.See the link below for info from Canon. They have a good website. Try looking at your owner's manual and other... Read More »

I just bought a used motorcycle from a dealership and they lied about a bunch of stuff. What can I do?

I think you have little recourse.Doesn't mean I don't feel ya , but used sales are almost always as is.A court would say that there should be an assumption of defects on account of the age of the v... Read More »