Bought a new computer for Xmas and cant find DVD ROM drive?

Answer Lisa, you shouldn't be expected to dig around in the BIOS or open the case of a brand new computer. Your post sounds as if you know how to detemine whether the drive is showing in My Computer or n... Read More »

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My computer keeps saying no hard drive found, I bought a new one and is still doing it. can anyone help me?

Make sure the cables are connected the right way and that you have the right jumper settings on it - set it to master

I have just bought an iomega portable hard drive, and my computer is a Mac. My question is this..?

You should read this page.…

I just bought an Amish computer, but I can't find the 'on' switch. The screen looks like wood. How to power up?

As long as it's not running a Microsoft Operating System I mean bad could it be?Maybe you could enlist a young, technologically savvy Amish girl to "BOOT" it up for you.

My Computer Won't Find My Flash Drive?

USB flash drives are small, portable storage devices that allow you to transport data on the go. However, if your computer is unable to detect the flash drive you do need to perform some troublesho... Read More »