Bought a new computer for Xmas and cant find DVD ROM drive?

Answer Lisa, you shouldn't be expected to dig around in the BIOS or open the case of a brand new computer. Your post sounds as if you know how to detemine whether the drive is showing in My Computer or n... Read More »

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Need a computer nerd to help me!!! i just bought speakers for my comp but i cant get any sound!?

Make sure that the green cord is plugged into the green port on the back, and if there is a blue cord, plug it into the blue port. If there is just one cord then plug it into the green port, or a h... Read More »

I cant view my external hard drive in my computer?

Right click on My Computer and choose Manage. When the Computer Management screen opens up, click on Disk Management on the left hand side. This will show all your hard drives that Windows sees and... Read More »

I cant find my flash drive in the boot menu to select from Any hlp?

sravan,Unfortunately, the inspiron 14z does not have an option to boot from a USB device in the boot menu. You will need to install backtrack onto a cd/dvd and make it bootable.Thank You,Dell-Jesse... Read More »

I have just bought an iomega portable hard drive, and my computer is a Mac. My question is this..?

You should read this page.…