Bought a book from which is being shipped to the UK from USA?

Answer Try this website for info about UK rates.

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Can aquarium fish be bought&shipped in canada?

There are stores that ship live fish throughout Canada, but they are hard to find. If you join a local fish forum or talk with experts, you can get references for stores that take care when shippin... Read More »

I just bought a Mac Book and was wondering could i get msn messenger on it?

I had come to the conclusion that you could not - but after reading the excellent answers to your question here (in particular Robles) I stand corrected.I use a MacBook Pro which has no problem at ... Read More »

Ive just bought an e book and need to know how to down load books.?

open itunes under library click books.drag the book from your drive to the window. needs to be in the epub format or you will need a reader from the app store.feedbooksbaen books project gutenberg... Read More »

Can i transfer a book i bought on google play to my nook?

the answer is yes to it is said from google that Google e-books is also compatible with any dedicated e-book reader that supports the Adobe e-book platform. That is to say Google books prote... Read More »