Bottom corner of of rib cage sticks out more?

Answer Mine does the same thing, because my family has history of a desease scoliosis. I recently found out I had it just like my mother. I have it so bad, my spine is shaped like an s. It causes my rib t... Read More »

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Bottom right rib cage pain?

Tightened up back muscles can press into the nerves going around your body to send pains to the rib, chest or heart areas. You could have lifted something heavy or just twisted your body wrong to ... Read More »

How do you clean the bottom of an iron that sticks?

Dishwasher leaks out of the front, left hand bottom corner...............?

First, make sure all the junk/debris is cleaned from the gasket around the door, including the bottom. Use a good general purpose cleaner and a brush if ya need to. See if that improves it. If n... Read More »

Rubik's Cube Solution: How Do You Swap Two Bottom Corner Pieces That Are Diagonal to Each Other?

The Rubik's Cube is a square puzzle that has been baffling people for years. The object of the puzzle is to move the cubes around until each side of the entire cube is one color. When you have the ... Read More »