Bottom Teeth Retainer Help?

Answer You should try using dental wax. The same wax you used for your braces should work, just make a ball and make sure that the wax goes into the ridges of your teeth so it doesn't just fall off.

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I think my bottom retainer is loose and I can't call my ortho for 3 days, anything I can do?

Be very gentle with your retainer until you can go in. Try not to play with it with your tongue and eat soft foods. If you have a full lower retainer, plastic or metal, wear it until you see your ... Read More »

My bottom front teeth are hamster teeth..Can they be shaved down?

just do what the hamsters do, start chewing on metal bars!!!


If it fits, it will help. If it doesn't fit, it could make things worse. If there are any really tight spots or any new crowding or twisting to the teeth, the retainer probably won't help fix thos... Read More »

Can my plastic retainer fix gaps in my teeth?

you can actually use bands for you to fix the gap. It is an easier and more cost efficient solution to close teeth gap.check out their website