Bottled or tap water What do you have?

Answer We drink tank a drought,we have to buy some for the tanks.

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Why bottled water have expiration date if its only water?

I asked that question to the Cocoa Cola salesmen (for the store I work for), he said that they put an expiration on water for two reasons. 1. Because the plastic in the bottle will breakdown. And ... Read More »

Is our tap water really so awful that we have to buy bottled water?

In my fair city, the water is ultra, I don't live in India either..It is just VERY BAD water...also, on a trip to the morgue, I spoke with one of our city's coroners, and asked him if... Read More »

Why does bottled water have an expiration date?

Virtually all food and drinks sold have what is called a shelf life, which means that they can only sit on the store shelves for a certain amout of time, hence the expiration date. It does not nec... Read More »

Which bottled water does NOT have fluoride?

Probably the safest water you can drink is to get yourself a distiller.The fluoride dispute arose over the issue of forced medication. The fluoride used in public drinking water used to be conside... Read More »