Both of my husbands big toes are always numb. What could be the cause of this?

Answer Typically, comes from spinal nerve pressure. The reason you can tell it's spinal is because the numbness is symmetrical & bilateral. Cheapest treatment would be to go to a free clinic nearest you &... Read More »

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What could cause tingling on two of your left toes?

Answer Blood sugar problems and nerve problems, which often go hand in hand, are just a few things that can cause tingling in your limbs. This is a stretch though based on your problem, but see a ... Read More »

What could cause a vagina to have a rusty taste Could this be a sign of a serious health problem?

Tastes sort of like a mouth full of pennies? Are we dating the same chick?

When I got out of bed this morning my NOSE fell off, what could be the cause of this?

It's much more likely to be a case of your face falling off your nose - the glue melted because you left the electric blanket on - and why am I bothering with this rubbish ! ! !

4 of my toes on my left foot are numb?

just slowly warm them. Do not put them in warm water. Wrap them in blankets with hot water bottle on the outside. Frostbite is possible...though its hard to tell without knowing skin color and con... Read More »