Bore Honing Tools?

Answer Honing is a process unique to the metalworking industry. Bore or cylinder honing tools are used to achieve precise surface geometry within the bore. A honing tool, otherwise referred to as a honing... Read More »

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Metal Reaming & Honing Tools?

Working with metal requires stretching and bending the material in small, incremental steps. Different metals have various fatigue levels, so some are brittle and some are soft and malleable. When ... Read More »

Small Engine Cylinder Bore Tools?

Boring the cylinders of an engine is one of the most challenging and toughest mechanical operations. Cylinder bore tools are used to cut or finish the diameter of inner cylinders. Workplaces need t... Read More »

How to Bore a Sighting With a Laser Bore Sighter?

Using a laser bore sighter is a quick, safe and inexpensive method of sighting in your rifle. Laser bore sighters come in two varieties: a bullet shaped laser which is placed into the rifle's chamb... Read More »

About Honing Machines?

Particularly in automotive applications, circular grinding and sanding is necessary to design and maintain engine parts. For example, cylinder barrels of an engine need to be smoothed to just the r... Read More »