Bonzai Tree Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Bonsai is the art of pruning and arranging small plants, such as juniper trees, in containers to make them look like miniaturized versions of their full-grown counterparts. It is thought to have o... Read More »

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What is a bonzai tree?

Bonsai trees refer to a Japanese style of gardening--the name translates to "tray planting." A bonsai tree's interesting asymmetry develops from growing small trees in and around various containers... Read More »

Palm Tree Tattoo Ideas?

The palm tree is a symbol that evokes a spectrum of associations, from the solitude and loneliness of a desert island, to celebratory relaxation in a tropical paradise. Depending on your style and ... Read More »

What does bonzai mean?

The literal translation of bonzai (bonsai) is tray planting or plant in a tray. The common English understanding is a miniature tree. It can also refer to the bonsai cryptographic structure used ... Read More »

How to Make an Artificial Bonzai?

Bonsai trees are uniquely shaped ancient natives of Asia. These are intended to grow in any shape you desire through the manipulation of pruning and trimming. Bonsai trees are idolized but rarely g... Read More »