Bonsai Insects?

Answer Bonsai is an ancient oriental horticultural art form where trees are planted, trimmed and shaped to thrive in small pots. A variety of trees is cultivated into bonsai trees creating the look of ful... Read More »

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Where can I get a bonsai spider plant and a bonsai Boston fern?

Well,I found a photo on line of a Spider Plant that has been bonsai-ed,but really it is very uncommon to use Bonsai techniques on spiderplants,succulents,palms,or ferns....Also you may not be aware... Read More »

How to Transplant a Bonsai?

Bonsai might not grow that large but it will need transplanting occasionally in order to refresh the soil and to remove any unwanted sprouts, branches, and old roots so that the tree keeps the shap... Read More »

Can a Bonsai Tree Die?

Bonsai trees are prized for their small size, artistic shapes and longevity; the ability of a bonsai tree to live for a century or more makes a well-cared for tree an heirloom plant. However, there... Read More »

How do you make a bonsai?

First of all, many kinds of trees and shrubs can be made into a bonsai. A bonsai is simply a miniature version of a tree, which is planted in a pot. Japanese maples are ideal for creating a bonsai.... Read More »