Boiled eggs - do you like yours with the yoke soft or runny?

Answer Mmmmmmmm boiled egg! Runny in the middle to dunk my bread soldiers in!! (now theres a question why are they called soldiers?) I do mine for about 3 mins

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Whenever I get Boiled Eggs out of the fridge they're always really runny inside..?

You're pathetic, You keep making stupid questions.. Are you trying to get someone print screen it so you become a meme? or on one of this fail pictures sites?

How long are soft boiled eggs good for?

Soft-boiled eggs should be kept refrigerated for no more than four days. Boiled eggs should be kept in their original carton to maximize freshness and keep them from being exposed to room temperatu... Read More »

Egg with a really Runny yoke?

Heat the skillet up a little with a little oil or spray in it. Crack the egg into the skillet. Have the heat on medium low to low. When the white of the egg has set and turning white, put a tabl... Read More »

Anyone know how to make a hard-boiled egg with runny yolk I have eaten this in a Japanese restaurant.?

You might be mentioning "onsen tamago", which is cooked in hot springs (= slow-cooked eggs).Here you go;…