Boho shopes in Eugene?

Answer Saturday morning just head downtown to the Saturday market. You'll have a large selection.

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How to Get Boho Waves?

Boho waves transform straight hair and tight curls into messy, loose waves using bobby pins, hairspray and texturizing cream. This chic, sexy hairstyle requires little maintenance and can be worn a... Read More »

How to Do Boho Braids?

Boho is a popular fashion trend that is centered around expressing personal style choices, including clothing, footwear, jewelry and hairstyles that give the wearer a sense of self expression. Boho... Read More »

How to Dress Boho?

Boho is the modern bohemian clothing style that has taken the celebrity world by storm. The look encapsulates the simple, flowy style of hippies and gypsies.[1]. The look blends several ethnic styl... Read More »

How to Do Boho Hair?

The word "boho" is short for "Bohemian" and refers to the free and natural style of fashion and beauty that is similar to the hippie style. Boho hair is characterized by flowing waves that don't lo... Read More »