Body vibrations.........?

Answer You didn't say how old you are, however women who are going through menopause, or are pre-menopausal, sometimes complain of a feeling that their bodies are vibrating. Go to Ther... Read More »

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Diagnose Car Vibrations?

When diagnosing vibrations it is imperative to notice when and where the vibrations occur. Test-drive the vehicle with this in mind. You need to determine whether the vibrations are a tire issue, a... Read More »

How to Stop Exhaust Vibrations?

Internal combustion engines produce exhaust gases in uneven flows. As a result of the pulsing production of exhaust gases through the exhaust system, vibration is transferred to the vehicle. Exhaus... Read More »

How to Create Good Vibrations?

Humming obliterates all negative thoughts because negative thoughts vibrate too so when you hum it makes you feel good! Remember all thought is energy and vibration, that's why thought create emoti... Read More »

Tools for Measuring Vibrations?

Vibration, defined by the Britannica Online Dictionary as a "periodic back-and-forth motion," appears in our lives in many forms. The vibrations of cell phones alert us to incoming messages, vehicl... Read More »