Body never begs for water?

Answer See a doctor. Yahoo Answers isn't really going to solve this problem. Hope you feel better.

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What is a narrow body of water that connects an enclosed sea with a larger body of water?

A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. One famous example is the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.Source:Water ... Read More »

How to Pass Someone Who Begs for Money?

On your street or in a library or other public areas, there are usually homeless people begging for money. You have a couple of dollars but that's for your train ticket. Then you think. A couple of... Read More »

Does Jane take Mr Rochester back after he begs for her?

If you're talking about their conversation right after Jane learns about Bertha then- No, she doesn't. She's very conscience of the fact that they can't be together if he's still married to someone... Read More »

What are some natural diuretics my body still retains water and I take a water pill?

Teresa, the days that I spend on the computer, legs hanging down are the days I hold large amounts of water. My Dr. said I needed a laptop, so my hubby got me one but on vacation I used it at the t... Read More »