Body hair question This is really stressing me out:/?

Answer Are you Hispanic? I'm Hispanic, I felt the same way when I was 13. It would grow back sooo fast from my legs too. I have hair on my belly and my back even my butt, I have hair everywhere, but not a... Read More »

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All this budgeting for booze is really stressing me out; so much so that I need a drink. Am I going in circles?

It is actually scientifically proven that going into these circles that causes dizziness rather than drinking alcohol itself. So moral of this that alcohol doesn't make you feel dizzy by itself but... Read More »

Is this really the first question to be asked in this category?

No. Because under here it says resolved questions in Basel :)

Is this normal (really personal question...)?

I suggest you carry some of those wipes with you

GRAPHIC QUESTION: is this really wierd ?

Oh that is completely normal honey! A lot of girls do the exact same thing, even me! Some girls do worse things, so this is nothing compared to the other things. Masturbation is always healthy, so ... Read More »