Body Wraps to Reduce Waist Inches?

Answer Body wraps have been a spa luxury for years. A variety of ingredients are used in the wraps, which began as a way to moisturize and smooth skin while relaxing. Wraps are also requested by those who... Read More »

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How can you gain 5 inches on your booty and lose 2 inches of your waist line Info on your body You are C34 25 35 135 POUNDS?

You should do an adequate amount of leg and glute workouts such as lunges and squats; but try variety there are many different types of lunges and many different types of squats. For your waistline... Read More »

Waist size: I gain 1-2 inches in my waist?

I think it's a good idea to eat several small meals per day as you do instead of 2 big ones, but maybe you should write down when you eat and keep a sort of food diary with you and don't eat when y... Read More »

Are you be pregnant without having sex for 3 months but missed period by 25 days with leg and waist cramps and a 32 inches belly grown upto 36 inches?

Answer So you haven't had sex in three months but you only missed one period? The size of the growth of your waist line does sound consistent with a 3 or 4 month pregnancy... It very well could be... Read More »

My son has hair about 6 inches below his waist, what should i do?

Ask him. If he likes it, let him keep it. If he doesn't, get him a haircut! If you cut it, and he doesn't want it cut, it may be confusing for him, after all, his mommy and daddy have long hair, w... Read More »