Body Work Techniques?

Answer Automotive body work seems like a foreign language to most people, but it's not that hard if you know a few basic techniques. Being able to do body work can come in handy if you ever want to do som... Read More »

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Body Painting Techniques?

Body painting is an ancient art form slowly gaining popularity today. Modern artists are devising a variety of new techniques. Your budget, time, type of project and level of skill will play a role... Read More »

Body Wrap Techniques?

Body wraps came into fashion at spas, which offer a variety of the treatments. Wraps vary by materials used, results and ingredients. Benefits are touted as toning and firming skin, leaving it smoo... Read More »

How to Work With Bondo Body Filler For Auto Body Repair?

Bondo Body Filler is used quite often in auto body work. It is a body filler that fills in dents or creases. It is used to sculpt curved areas and areas where welding has taken place, to level the ... Read More »

Chinese Techniques for Body Massage?

The traditional practices of Chinese medicine are navigated by the ancient principles of qi, (pronounced chee) or bio-electrical life energy, that circulates through all living things. While modern... Read More »