Body Odor Due to Bacterial Growth?

Answer The human body produces a variety of odors. Unfortunately, not all of those odors are pleasant. In fact some can be downright repulsive. Since body odor is such a common thing, most people have the... Read More »

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Body Odor Due to Bacterial Growth Inside the Body?

It is normal to experience body odor; however, when the odor emanating from our bodies is foul-smelling and overpowering, the underlying cause should be treated. Also known as bromhidrosis, body od... Read More »

How do you inhibit bacterial growth?

Thinking about dangerous bacteria living happily and reproducing in your home and in your food is unpleasant, but the fact is that bacteria are everywhere, from your bathroom sink to your sushi. So... Read More »

How to Measure Bacterial Growth?

When bacteria grows, which involves asexual reproduction, several cellular changes take place, such as growth the mass of cells, an increase in chromosomes and creation of new cell walls, and the c... Read More »

Bacterial Growth in a Petri Dish?

Bacterial growth within a Petri dish (or agar plate) requires diligent preparation. If you're growing bacteria in your classroom, a Petri dish containing the agar (nutrient that provides growth) an... Read More »