Body Modification Tools?

Answer Practitioners of body modification, meaning those providing a tattoo or piercing, must have an assortment of tools on hand. Some of the items needed are the same for both practices, particularly it... Read More »

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Can you take Body Modification too far?

I think it all depends on the individual. I do not personally agree with the while tongue splitting, voluntary amputation, ect, but to each their own.I have a friend that got back from Iraq about ... Read More »

What's the "wildest" body modification you think you'd get?

Hmm I guess it depends on your definition of wild! I'm not sure what my definition would be!I have about 30 hours worth of tattoos and I imagine I'll at least triple that before I'm done. I wouldn'... Read More »

People who engage in any form of body modification (tattoos, piercings, scarification) why do u chose to do so?

We feel like it. We did it once, feeling a little uncertain, we liked how it made us feel, so we kept doing it... and now, some of us, like myself, work in the field, and have around seventy-five h... Read More »

Tools for a Car Body?

Shops that specialize in fixing and restoring vehicle body panels rely on a number of hand-held and pneumatic (air-powered) tools to cut, sand, join and shape metal. Whether the car body shop works... Read More »