Body Makeup Tips?

Answer With the advanced technology of makeup, more and more women are using body makeup to cover up unattractive things on their bodies, such as spider veins, freckles, scars, moles and bruises. Sometime... Read More »

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How to Apply Body Makeup?

Sometimes there are marks that you want to cover on your body, such as a tattoo or scar, but you may not be sure how to do it or what to use. Body makeup is similar to face makeup, but it generall... Read More »

Hot Eye Makeup Tips?

When you want sexy makeup, the easiest look is a smoky eye. Smoky eyes look amazing on every skin tone, and they're dramatic and easy to accomplish. There are only a few basic makeup essentials tha... Read More »

Need help/makeup tips?

Hey my girlfriend has a beauty channel and shes so good and can really help with beauty and how you wear your makeup, clothing and etc. She can really help, Check it out! If she can help you a subs... Read More »

Eye Makeup Tips?

Our eyes exercise a special power of communication by revealing personality and emotion. Applying makeup to your eyes can make you look like a glamorous celebrity or the girl next door. Whatever yo... Read More »