Bob Marley "Mellow Mood" Tea Questions?

Answer I had a look at their website and the list of ingredients doesn't mention "sativa" at all, nor do any of the reviews of it so I am not sure where this has come from.If what you are drinking is the ... Read More »

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Has anyone ever drank Marley's Mellow Mood?

I've had it. It comes in a few flavors. In the can it's citrus and rasberry. In the glass bottle it comes in green tea-honey and black tea. It's really good. It makes you sleepy after you drink it.... Read More »

Anyone ever drink bob marley mellow mood?

I just had a can, and it most certainly did mellow me out, its just a few legal supplements, think of an energy drink, but everything it contains is made to have the completely opposite effects of ... Read More »

Drinking Bob Marley mellow mood in the day time?

Go for it! It's not like you'll pass out in class or anything haha It isn't like weed or some type of drug xP It will just make you calm and relaxed! :)JUST DON'T OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY OR DRIVE Y... Read More »

If I took Midol Pm, can I drink Marley's Mellow Mood too?

It probably is since it doens't have any alcohol in it juts stuff to help relax you. I would juts take 1 Tylenol PM and then drink the tea