Boarding Schools for Behavior Problems?

Answer In 2010, the National Institute of Mental Health stated that in America just over 20 percent of children under the age of 18 suffered from a mental disorder. The Institute also claims that in 2010,... Read More »

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Boarding Schools for Behavior?

Teens and younger children can suffer from a number of behavioral problems that might only find resolution in a structured out-of-home environment with treatment and education led by professionals.... Read More »

Benefits & Problems of Boarding Schools?

Boarding schools long ago became a popular option of parents attempting to give their children a better education. These schools focus on educating students, but they also shelter and feed students... Read More »

Boarding Schools for Discipline Problems?

Raising a child with behavioral problems can be an ongoing challenge for parents. When the local public school system cannot provide the support children need to succeed, some parents turn to board... Read More »

Emotional Problems in Boarding High Schools?

A boarding high school is a private high school that offers room and board to high school students. This allows students to leave home and study in a different environment. However, this type of sc... Read More »