Board Games for High School English Classes?

Answer Board games can be entertaining and educational teaching tools to use in schools during down time. Using a game that involves words, spelling and problem-solving reinforces the tools they have lear... Read More »

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Junior High School English Games?

Whether you are responsible for educating an entire classroom of students or simply looking for some fun, educational activities to do at home as a family, games offer an opportunity to encourage i... Read More »

Fun Games & Activities for Teaching English in Junior High School?

Bringing games into the classroom can be a great way to creatively engage students with their learning and have fun while taking a break from the usual classroom routine. Use games to work on new m... Read More »

Games for Spoken English Classes for Adults?

Games for adult English as a second language (ESL) classes must strike a balance between linguistic simplicity, so the students will understand the vocabulary and syntax, and thematic complexity, s... Read More »

Good Topics for a Satire About English Classes for School?

A satire is a critical piece, whether written, acted or spoken. Some of the most famous satires include poems like Pope's "The Rape of the Lock," essays like Swift's "A Modest Proposal," books like... Read More »