Blurry Screen on Nvidia?

Answer try connecting the monitor to the on board video to see if the problem continues,if it does it's the monitor,if not it is the videocard.make sure to go the he bios and set the on board video as pri... Read More »

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Nvidia GTX580 Blurry Image.?

Is it crashing at all?Point of View doesn't give very good specs on their website but a 550w power supply is getting pretty low for running a system with such a high end video card. Cards like thi... Read More »

Why does the computer screen look blurry to me?

You may have astigmatism, like I do, which can make your sight blurry. I am neither long or short sighted, but use glasses for using a computer. Get you eyes tested and you'll probably get a new s... Read More »

Why would pictures look blurry on a computer screen?

A number of issues could cause pictures to appear blurry or distorted on a computer screen, including problems with the monitor, the video drivers or even the pictures themselves.High CompressionMo... Read More »

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