Bluetooth V1.1 Technology Vs. Bluetooth V1.2 Technology?

Answer In the early 2000s, Bluetooth 1.1 worked to amend some of the shortcomings of the earlier Bluetooth technology while Bluetooth 1.2 expanded the efficiency of existing features. As Bluetooth devices... Read More »

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How to Use Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology allows users to exchange voice and data transmissions between 2 or more electronic devices, given that all the devices are within a short distance from one another. There are n... Read More »

When was bluetooth technology first introduced?

Bluetooth technology was first introduced in 1998 with the founding of Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), whose intent was to provide a new wire replacement technology that would transfer info... Read More »

Bluetooth Technology for PDAs?

In 1999 Bluetooth specification 1.0 was released, and with that technology came the ability to sync bluetooth headsets and other devices to cell phones. It was that technology and the formation of ... Read More »

What is the meaning of bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology enables electronic devices to communicate with each other in a wireless environment. This means the Bluetooth technology eliminates the use of cables and wires.UsageThe most co... Read More »