Blueberries An Apricot Or a Plum Which from this list o you like better?

Answer Mornin Scooter. I see the Blueberry saga goes on,,,smiles. That has to be my choice.

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How to Trim Plum & Apricot Trees?

Plums and apricots are stone fruits: They have an edible fleshy section that surrounds a single hard stone, the pit, which holds the tree's seed. You should trim stone fruit trees to control their ... Read More »

Will apricot and plum trees grow in the Midwest?

Answer depends on the weather and variety of plum and apricot. mostly they need a rather cold winter requiring 300-600 cold hours to wake up properly, a mature tree will need about 10-12 liters of ... Read More »

Kiwi Green Apple Or Blueberries Which from this list do u like better?

List of Japanese Plum Varieties?

Hundreds of varieties of plums exist worldwide, and about 30 of them are indigenous to North America. Domesticated plums commonly fall into two groups, European (prunus domestica) and Japanese (pr... Read More »