Blue veins on my hand?

Answer Kristen, everyone has blue veins in their hands! Its what carries the de-oxygenated blood around the body to be replenished with oxygen & turn back to red! This is normal! Also, those weird muscle ... Read More »

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How to See Blood Veins in Your Hand With a Flashlight?

This is a pretty cool trick. See your veins through your hands!

Blue veins in testicles?

Blue veins in your testicles usually just indicates either high blood flow levels or the position of the vein relative to the skin. In itself the veins mean absolutely nothing, however if you are q... Read More »

How to Cover Blue Veins on the Face?

Blue veins that appear on the face are called spider veins. These veins are superficial blood vessels that appear blue in the skin. Common causes of spider veins include hereditary, hormones, and i... Read More »

Blue veins on breasts sign of pms?

No. Some women just have those. I've always had mine.