Blue screen of death have u heard of this?

Answer The blue screen of death occurs when the operating system encounters a problem it can't overcome. The mumbo jumbo is actually the details of the problem that it has encountered. If you are unsure... Read More »

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My monitor on my PC went to blue this morning. I rebooted and now the screen is black. Bad monitorOr PC death?

Unplug your monitor from the computer and connect it onto one of your buddies. If it works there, then you may are facing something else, other than a dead monitor issue. Things could cause this, t... Read More »

I have the horrid Blue Screen Of Death (!!!!) On My Computer Upstair, It Wont Go Away!!!!?

You've got trouble, huh?The first thing you can try is loading the system in Safe Mode (which I don't think it'll work). To do this, press the key F8 when you switch on your PC (tip: keep pressing ... Read More »

How many people choke to death of food a year Have you ever heard of a person dying this way?

Mary Mary ... is right. Be extremely careful when eating fish and learn to do the Heimlich Maneuveron yourself and others.…Try not to talk at the same time... Read More »

Why is the Blue Screen Of Death, well, blue?

Blue Screen of Death appears when Windows crashes or locks up. It’s actually a Windows “stop” screen, and is designed to do two things: tell you the reason for the error, and to calm your ner... Read More »