Blue screen!!!!!!!!!! help?

Answer Try taking out the battery, and powering the laptop by mains power alone.If the blue screen stops happening, then you have a battery fault and you must replace the battery. Lithium batteries, if da... Read More »

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Does anyone have problems with the blue screen virus thing that shuts down your comp and shows a blue screen?

I have had this problem lots of times. When you next start up your computer follow these steps:1. Click 'run' on the start menu2. Type in 'cmd' - this will take you to a command prompt screen.3. Ty... Read More »

Blue screen help...details below?

Yes you laptop is fine, just go thru the steps below This problem can have many reasons for appearing.1 Undo recent changes that you made if any.2 Check the a minimum amount of free space is availa... Read More »

Help Computer restarts blue screen?

GASP!!! YOU GOT THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!!Your problem is a little too common on Windows computers. Almost everyone who own a Windows PC will hit the wall with this defect. But this problem usu... Read More »

Help! My laptop has the blue screen of death!?

If it just happens one time then don't worry about it.If it is every time you start the computer then you probably have a problem with RAM memory or a program that is loading when windows starts.Wh... Read More »