Blue screen error problem. Can anybody help please?

Answer Dont do what "Padmesh" says yet!!!!when the next BSOD occurrs, you will see an error corrolation code similar to: 0x00000005bType that into google and it should give you an idea what is wrong with ... Read More »

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How to fix a problem on youtube; an error occurred please try again. i have tried everything please help!!?

Edit out your flick, make a file, open a Web browser, surf on over to YouTube, sign in, upload that file. Most any other way you try, including a button on any video editing program, will not work... Read More »

Have ubknown hard error with a blue screen. How do I fix it myself,please. I can get on line by rebooting, bl?

The Windows operating system constantly refers to the registry to get information about all of the components such as hardware and software which are installed on the computer. The registry tells W... Read More »

Help please with facebook problem. I wish to add doorbell on my profile but it keeps saying error try later?

Theres a doorbell on facebook?I didn't know that.It sounds like another one of their glitches i don't think there is alot you can do till they fix the problem.Ive actually signed in and had a look,... Read More »

Almost got the blue screen of death. Help, please.?

I had almost the same problem with my laptop when the exhauster was broken. If you have a laptop and it gets really hot this might be the problem.