Blue Vs. Red LED Grow Light?

Answer Indoor plant gardens require adequate amounts of light to promote healthy growth processes within plant structures. And while sunlight may not be available in needed amounts, specially designed LED... Read More »

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Why does blue light make plants grow better?

holy dude what kinda question is that its a watch not a dish

Why Do Plants Grown Under Blue Light Grow Taller Than Under Red & Green Lights?

Plants are amazing examples of evolutionary adaptation and there's no doubt about that. Over the eons, for example, plants have been able to learn how to use specific colors within visible light to... Read More »

What are some good accent colors for a bathroom that has white, dark blue and light blue?

This ebsite may help you with matching colors. go to the visions at a glance and just pick a room. Go to the top water colors and choose the dark blue it will show the colors that go well with th... Read More »

Is there a name for the blue light that reads a blue-ray disk?